Jim Harmon CEO
The Kitty Palm Company was established to provide cat lovers every where a decorative alternative to the cat condo concept, Now discriminating cat lovers can have an attractive habitat for their favorite felines that will look good in a well decorated home.

Available in five sizes to fit every room and budget, Kitty Palm will provide all the exercise your cats need to stay healthy,  well exercised and away from your furniture.

Custom standard features include swiveling platforms, recessed stainless steel food bowls, Palm or ficus foliage tops, choice of carpet and rope color.

Kitty palms are designed to fit into 22 inch square boxes for easy shipping and can be assembled in under five minutes with no tools. Can you screw in a light bulb ? Its that easy.

Low profile commercial indoor out door carpet makes for easy cleaning.

Kitty Palms may be used out doors in covered 
situations out of the weather. Patented design and structure allows for ventilation to reduce chances of mildew and mold.

Further benefits of the patented connector system allows sections to be replaced if your cats tear up a section, just order a replacement part  at a very reasonable price.

It is our mission and pledge to our customers to provide the very best hand made product we can produce. Our cats love them. So will yours !

Doodles loves her Kitty Palm. Its purrrfect!

Kitty Palm
the ultimate
kitty tree



A Proudly made in America Product

Established 2009
Sarasota, Florida

Pictures shown at the right are the KP 80 three platform and the KP 60.
All pictures shown on this site are with green carpet and manila rope as that represents 90 % of customer choice. We do offer tan carpet and sisal rope as well.
We will put the food bowl on any platform or add a bowl for a  $5.00 up charge.
The Kitty Palm won a Best in Show award at the World Global Pet  Expo in Orlando
in March of 2010
Kitty Palm Co. LLC needs your help!  We are eligible for a grant from Chase but we need your votes. Please go to http://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com  and vote for us.
Help us bring Kitty Palm to the world!


Jim "Papa Cat" Harmon
CEO Kitty Palm Co. LLC
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